• Kate Walker

2017 Recap

$42,000. That is how much you raised to support FA research and my family this year. $42,000.

When I was first diagnosed, if you had told me that almost two years later $42,000 would be raised for research, I would think you were crazy. On January 22, 2017, I made my first Instagram/Facebook post asking for donations for rideAtaxia Dallas. My original goal for money raised was $10,000. I never thought that we would raise that much, much less that we would raise

$27,934. There were four fundraisers held during that time. There was a bake sale, an art party, a golf tournament, and t-shirt sales. Thank you to everyone that donated, reached out to us, told a friend, or especially, came to the ride. Then, we held a screening of The Ataxian. There were 185 people there and it raised $6,000. Finally, there was a BBQ dinner held by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Winnfield. That dinner raised $9,000. Thank you to everyone that has supported us in the last year. I could not be more grateful to have all of you behind me. I hope that our group of supporters will continue to grow. Together, we will cure FA!

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