• Kate Walker

Through My Eyes

When I look at Kate, I see my best friend. Plain and simple. I sometimes forget that she even has a disability. I see someone that will laugh with me, someone that will listen to me, and someone that will be there for me.

I have known Kate since the sixth grade. We are now in the ninth grade. If there is one thing that I know about Kate it is that she will not give up searching for a cure on good days or bad days. Kate may have trouble walking, but she is always full of joy and loves life! Kate inspires me to be the best version of myself possible and that to me is the best example of a true Godly friend.

A day in the life of Autumn and Kate:

I get to school at 7:30am. Because Kate now uses a walker, she waits until the last possible second to get to school, usually around 7:50. I wait for my daily text to meet her at the car and walk with her to class. By the way, we have named her walker Sue. So, Kate, Sue, and I walk through campus to our first hour. Some days we get there on time; some days we do not. That is part of life with FA. Our walking pace is not a normal people pace. By the time second hour rolls around, we end up getting to every other class late. That is okay. Other students cut through the grass to get everywhere on time, but not me and Kate- concrete is our friend. Our slow walks to class give us more time to talk about Riverdale or funny YouTube videos. The teachers know that Kate will be late and they have now figured out that Kate is never by herself – we are kind of like a package deal. Our day is pretty normal other than not moving fast. I never realized how fast people do move from place to place. Have you ever heard the saying 'take time to stop and smell the roses'?Let’s put it this way, Kate and I have time to smell a lot of roses. With Kate having FA, I have learned to slow down and enjoy the conversations that take place along the way. So, in the end, a day with Kate may not be considered a normal day, but to me it is just a day with my best friend!


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