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You know that Hannah Montana song "Ordinary Girl"? If not, you didn't have a childhood and you should listen to it (I put a link to it over there -----> if you want to listen) I promise this is not something random I dropped in here. Anyway, that song can relate to me a lot. Even though I have FA, I am just like everyone else. It may seem like sometimes I'm not "normal" because I have FA and that may be true. But what is normal? Everyone is unique in their own way and FA, even though it stinks sometimes, is what sets me apart from others. Sure I have to go to doctor appointments all the time, but on the flip side, I get to meet new people and travel the country while going to those doctor appointments.

FA doesn't define who I am or what I can be. I embrace it and share it with others, but I try not to let it take over my life. I'm just like any other girl that you can imagine, I love laughing with my friends more than anything else, I love spending time with my family, I like to keep up with people on social media. Just because I am disabled, doesn't mean that I am anything short of someone that is able-bodied. I just have to learn to do things a little differently sometimes. One of my pet-peeves is when someone treats someone with a disability as if they are less than them. I know that that is just something that happens in our society but that does not mean that I have to like it. It took me a long time to find the friends that would treat me the same no matter what was going on. In a mental sense, I don't want to slow down just because I have FA. I would rather have people treat me normally than go out of their way to help me. Don't get me wrong, I love the help, I just would rather ask for it than someone just do something that I know I am capable of doing myself. The truth is that I am just like everyone else, my legs just don't work sometimes.

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