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5 Reset Day Tips

I think that we have all had days where we feel like our mind is in a billion places and there is no way that we can possibly keep up with life. Or at least I do. Sunday was one of those days for me. I just felt like I was all over the place and had a ton of things I needed to do. So, this is how I conquer those reset days that just seem daunting before you start.


I am serious about this one. A cluttered room or space can make you feel more jumbled and out of control than you already are. On Sunday, my room was A MESS. There were papers and random items from the week spread across my desk. There were clothes all over my dresser waiting to be put away. There were hair tools and makeup all over my vanity. There were dirty clothes piled up on the floor in my bathroom. You could tell how chaotic my week was by just looking at my room. So, I cleaned it all up and I lit a candle to make myself feel like I was put together. It's no secret that people who have their lives together always have a candle lit.


Hear me out on this one. I always feel a million times better if my hair is clean and I am clean. I feel like that shower helps wash off all the chaos of the week. Saturday night I washed my hair, exfoliated, shaved my legs, put lotion on, and did a face mask. Y'ALL I felt like a whole new person.


I love a good to-do list. So the night before I know I am going to have a reset day, I write down anything and everything I can think to do. The tasks can be as small as sending a text to someone or as big as finishing a paper you had for homework. Then, I prioritize so I don't end up with too much on my plate. Remember, that overwhelming feeling is what got us here. Figure out what you HAVE to get done and what can wait a little while. However, I wouldn't wait too long because that task you pushed away can become very overwhelming down the line if you procrastinate it too much. Last thing I want to say about this topic is that I always make a to-do list the night before. That way, tasks for the next day don't spin around in my brain while I'm trying to sleep.


I am not kidding when I said I listened to the same playlist 4 times through on Sunday. I always listen to music while I cross off my to-do list. I try to pick more chill songs to listen to because we all know that if I play hype music, I'm going to be dancing around my room within five minutes. I have heard that some people listen to instrumental music while they are working too. I personally don't do well with that because I try to figure out what each song is and then start singing the words, but to each their own. I love to listen to podcasts while I'm cleaning or doing a mindless task because it makes me feel like someone is there with me. However, it can be super distracting for me if I am doing actual work.


I always reward myself with breaks. However, not long breaks. I know that I can't give myself a break where I go sit on the couch for thirty minutes because I know I will never get up. So I let myself take a break and go get a snack or talk to a friend or see what my dad is up to. I also try not to let myself check social media during my breaks because that always sends me down a rabbit hole.

Alright, those are my best tips for reset days! Remember to be gentle with yourself and not let yourself get too overwhelmed. WE GOT THIS!

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