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How I Get Over Creative Block

I often run out of ideas and am stuck in a creative block for weeks at a time. The pandemic and spending a lot of time at home only makes it worse. I am super guilty of setting huge goals for myself and then when I don't immediately start to reach those goals, I shut down and stop trying. I recently just went through a huge creative block. I couldn't think of ideas for YouTube videos or other social media posts. I also didn't really have the motivation to work on anything.

So here are some ways that I try to get over creative block.

1. Remind myself why I started.

Why did I get into social media in the first place? To help myself and others. To connect with people that I wouldn't connect with otherwise. So when I am not posting, I am missing out on the connection. Usually, that connection is what pushes me into going back because I miss the feeling I get from it.

2. Get excited again.

I ran out of YouTube video ideas and there was nothing that made me feel excited. I would start videos and not finish them because I didn't really like them. And I obviously do not want to post anything that I wasn't proud of. So, I did several things to get myself excited again. I brainstormed new video ideas that allowed me to be creative and have fun. I downloaded ProCreate to use to create new and fun thumbnails and editing effects. I created a new intro and outro to make myself feel like this was a new start.

3. Give myself space.

Thinking about how I didn't have any ideas everyday didn't help me AT ALL. I felt like a failure over and over again. So, I just gave myself space. I allowed myself to do what I wanted to do without constantly thinking about work all the time. I tried to escape those thoughts as often as possible. Sometimes that is when the best ideas come.

If you are struggling with creative block right now, just know that the ideas will eventually come! Don't push yourself too hard!

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