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Life Update


It's been a bit since I have written a blog post, but here I am! Blog posts are my absolute favorite creative outlet, but it has been hard to find time to write them lately. So here it is: a much overdo life update! (for those who care😉)

1. I started my sophomore year of college! I'm back in my favorite place and it has kept me SO busy. I am only taking 13 hours this semester, but that is plenty of a course load for me! I get enough of school between accounting and physics, and that's only 6 hours. Between balancing school and social activities, I have been pretty exhausted. Most of my free time is spent sleeping.

2. I've been learning to embrace my introvert side a little more. This is definitely a topic that I want to get more into later. I think that I felt the need to constantly do social things my freshman year and now I've realized that sometimes my favorite thing to do is put my phone on Do Not Disturb and read my book.

3. I started seeing a personal trainer. This is a big one for me! I've never felt safe exercising alone, so really my only form of activity was physical therapy. So I now go to a trainer who has really been helping me out a lot. She is excited about her debut on my Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled for that😂.

4. I started fundraising for rideATAXIA Dallas. If you don't know, rideATAXIA is an event hosted by the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance that we participate in every year. It is on November 5 at UNT Discovery Park. You can go to my homepage to donate to my team, Kate's Krewe, and/or order a t-shirt! Thank you for your support!

That's my brief little life update! I am hoping to write another blog post soon, but in the meantime, follow my social medias to keep up with me!

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