• Kate Walker

Social Distancing

Having a rare disease and a heart condition puts me in the high risk zone for having complications if I got the coronavirus. Because of this, I have been on quarantine since March 13, which is over two weeks ago now. I have to put my health and safety first and right now, this is what is best. It is very frustrating to have to isolate myself like this because even though I am quite introverted, I strive off of human connection. I miss my friends and family, I miss fast food, and believe it or not, I even miss school lol.

Now, I am not here to be like the government and freak everyone out, but I do think that social distancing is important. COVID-19 is not something that is just dangerous for the elderly. It is dangerous for people with auto-immune disorders, people that have or have had cancer, people with lung problems, people that are pregnant, people that have rare diseases, people that have heart conditions, and many more. It can be dangerous to those that are perfectly healthy too. In fact, I could name at least 6 people in my HIGH SCHOOL that are at risk. That is 14-18 year olds. When you are thinking about the virus, remember the elderly but also remember those at risk of all ages.

So, do it for them. Do it for the people closest to you that struggle with any health risks. You may get the virus and be perfectly fine, but somebody that gets it from you may not be. So please, do this community a favor and stay inside, avoid human contact, and wash your hands. Your friends will still be there when this is over. The more we practice social distancing, the sooner this is over and we can go back to our normal lives.

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